Why is Microsoft Word Online Better Than Google Docs?

Microsoft Word dominated the desktop-based word processing industry for decades. Google, another tech giant, launched a completely web-based word processor. Google docs offer several perks, they can be easily shared, synchronization is automated, and easy to use.

Let’s compare both of these word processing programs and find out which one is better.

Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online

Given that Microsoft Word has been around for approximately three decades, Google Docs still has to strive hard to meet Microsoft Word’s traits.


MS Word has been predominating the market for years and provides users access to several notable features and sophisticated tools. To facilitate users, Microsoft Word online offers loads of features for light users. But, it is not the complete working variant of Microsoft Word. Word online is flawless and works great with a majority of documents formats. Creating and sharing basic documents is not an issue in Microsoft Word online. All you need to use Microsoft Word online is a Microsoft account. Office 365 subscribers can access the advanced tools.

On the other hand, Google Docs is an entirely web-based program which can synchronize easily. Users do not have to buy any software. They just need to create a Google account, and they can start working on Google Docs.

Layout and Design

One of the best features that a word processing app can have is easy sharing feature and an easy to navigate user interface. Google Docs layout is very minimalistic and less distracting. Users can work comfortably on it, and the tools are easy to find. Contrarily, Word online contains several tabs. If you click on a tab, then the buttons and options in the toolbar change.

Why Is Microsoft Word Online Better Than Google Docs?

Microsoft Word has been present for ages. Microsoft is always trying to add new features and tools to the program in order to make it more productive, easy-to-use, and intuitive. It is a robust and powerful application, and a majority of people have been working on it since years. Here are some reasons why Microsoft Word online is better than Google Docs:

  • Microsoft Word is very steady. Users do not face technical issues while working on it. They do not have to reload the page after attaching a picture or any other file. It is incredibly robust and stable.
  • Microsoft Office has an inbuilt spell checker.
  • The mail merge enables the users to send bulk emails with unique parts of content.
  • The File and Replace shortcut saves a lot of time.
  • Inserting watermarks is easy.

If you need a program for general writing tasks then you can use Google Docs. However, if you need more formatting option and advanced tools, go with office.com/setup.

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