August 3, 2018 – Download and Install or Reinstall Office 2016 Setup

The internet has made the whole world smaller, and Microsoft Office has made offices smaller. Offices no longer have to make great capital investments in setting up the infrastructure of the workplace. Instead, everything is getting reduced to small cubicles with a system in place. All the operations that have to be carried out are mostly done on basic tools provided on Microsoft Office. Thus, the MS Office Suite is the most economical way to set off your business! Microsoft Office 2016 is a powerful productivity suite which is available in several editions for Mac and Windows users. Get your Office 2016 suite from

When it comes to board meetings, you can create your presentations over Microsoft PowerPoint. When it comes to calculating the budget and monitor expenses, you can make use of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Access offers easy database management tools and applications like Skype allow you to work even remotely. And then, of course, comes Microsoft Word – the most powerful word processing tool to carry out all the necessary actions, including paperwork, of your office! If you are worried about losing your data, then fear not, because the Microsoft Office Suite comes with OneDrive, a server that will store backups of your files and documents so that you can readily access them from anywhere and make necessary changes to these files as per your needs.

Prerequisites for Office 2016 Setup

Whether installing individual Office 2016 desktop apps or if you are setting up a one-time purchase of Office 2016 suite, here are some requirements you need to keep in mind:

  • Remove and completely uninstall any older Office suite or app from the computer. Go to the Control Panel and then click on Programs. Select the program and click on Uninstall. Restart the system when prompted.
  • Go to and click on Office 2016. Under it, you will find the system requirements. Make sure that your device meets them. Also, make enough space on your hard drive and RAM.

How to get Microsoft Office 2016

Here are the steps to get a Microsoft Office 2016 setup:

  1. Go to and click on the Buy Office 2016 button located on the upper right edge.
  2. Select the edition of MS Office 2016.
  • Windows users can choose from Home and Student, Home and Business, Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus.
  • Mac users can select from Standard, Home and Student, and Home and Business.
  1. Select the edition which suits your needs, and click on the Buy Now button located under the edition’s name.
  2. After that, click on the Cart or Check out option. It is present on the right-hand side of the website.
  3. Now, you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft user account.
  4. So, just key in the log in details like the username and passcode linked to your Microsoft account.
  5. If you had signed in earlier, then verify it again by re-entering the password.
  6. Now, select the Place Order option and provide your credit card or PayPal details.
  7. Enter the one time password, and your purchase will be successful.

How to download Microsoft Office 2016

After obtaining the Office 2016 suite, you can download the Office setup. Here are the steps for downloading MS Office 2016 setup from the internet:

  1. Visit
  2. When the page loads, click on the Sign In button.
  3. After logging in, you will be prompted to your account.
  4. Go to the Office 2016 option. Click on the Install option below it.
  5. To confirm the installation, click again on the Install button.
  6. Now let the Office 2016 setup file to get downloaded.

How to install Microsoft Office 2016 Setup on Windows

Following are the steps for installing MS Office 2016 on your Windows desktop and laptop:

  1. Go to the Downloads folder. You can access it by going to Computer, and it will be on the left pane.
  2. In the search bar, type Office2016.
  3. Now, locate a file with a .exe extension from the search results.
  4. Double-click on it.
  5. Click on the Yes button when prompted.
  6. Now the setup file will begin to run on the computer.
  7. After that, the installation process shall be initiated.
  8. Do not disconnect the internet when the installation is going on.
  9. When the installation is done, click on the Close button.
  10. Now, you have successfully installed Microsoft Office 2016!

How to install Microsoft Office 2016 Setup on Mac

Following are the steps for installing Ms Office 2016 on your Mac computer:

  1. Go to Finder and select Downloads.
  2. Locate the downloaded setup and double-click on it.
  3. Click on the Continue option when prompted.
  4. In the next screen, click on Continue as well.
  5. Click on the Agree button in the Terms and Conditions prompt.
  6. After that, select Continue to move on to the next screen.
  7. When prompted, click on the Install option.
  8. Enter the Mac password to allow the installation of the Office 2016 setup.
  9. Click on the Install Software button to commence the process of installation.
  10. Close the prompt on completion of the process.
  11. Your Office 2016 suite has been installed now!

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 Setup

Without activating MS Office 2016, you will not be able to use the apps and services. Following are the steps for Ms Office 2016 activation:

  1. Go to Start. It is present on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Programs.
  3. Select any Office 2016 desktop app.
  4. Open the application.
  5. In the Activation Wizard window, key in the 25 characters alpha-numeric product key code and press enter.
  6. Follow the instructions being displayed.
  7. Your Office 2016 is successfully activated now.