June 6, 2018

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This is a step by step guide to take you through the installation process of Microsoft Office on your personal computer or laptop. It involves the minimum system pre-requirements needed to activate the software suite.

 Where can you find the downloaded Office setup and how to install it once you locate it?

 There are many kinds Microsoft Office versions available, such as Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007.  You can select one as per your necessity. If you want a productivity suite for your business, then you should go for their latest and most popular version which is known as Microsoft Office 365.


Pre-Requirements For Microsoft Office Setup

For each version of Microsoft Office, there are unique specifications for software as well as hardware. Here we are presenting some of the requirements of Microsoft Office, which is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions and you can install it with the help of the minimum hardware specifications provided underneath.

Windows 7 32/64-bit, Windows 8 32/64-bit.

For 32 bit, at least 1 GB Ram and for 64 bit, at least 2 GB RAM, the processor should be 1 GHz and Hard Disk space of 3 GB or more.

A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch function. However, all features and tools are always operated with the help of a keyboard, mouse, or other basic or available input device.

Where are you installing from?

There are several methods to install the Microsoft Office. Hence, if you are installing Office setup from backup media or installing it from a downloaded file, then you will have to apply some steps.

Install Microsoft Office Setup using a Disk (CD or DVD)

If you are installing Microsoft Office Setup from DVD media, then just insert the disk in the DVD compartment and wait for the autostart to view the setup window. If the autostart does not come, you can go to the default download location in Windows Explorer and double click on the setup.exe file on the media itself to begin the process of MS office installation. Read all the instructions and follow them one after another. After the installation is successful, close the window.  After this, when you launch MS Office from the Start menu of your computer system, a prompt will ask you to activate the product. You can activate it by entering the 25 digit alphanumeric product key given to you with the Microsoft Office package.

Install Microsoft Office by Downloading Installer

Another way is to download the Microsoft Office setup online by visiting the office.com/setup link. Visit the given link and sign in to your Office account. If you do not have any existing account, then create an account. Enter the 25 character alphanumeric product key provided to you after purchasing the Office product in the Office confirmation mail. After this, click on the next button. Go through the terms and conditions and accept them. After that, click on the continue button. Then, click the Install Now button in the subsequent prompt to start the process of installation. A process bar will reveal how far along the Office setup has been installed. The time taken by the installation process depends on the computer and the internet speed.

Click on close when the installation process is complete. Now to use the newly installed Microsoft Office Application, head to Start, then click on All Programs and select Microsoft Office and click on the application that you want to open. When the Microsoft Office app of your choice begins for the first time, a window will pop up, and it will ask you to support process and improve your copy of Microsoft Office. Click on the point that you need and then click on the Yes button in the following window which will tell you that additional Microsoft update can make changes to your computer system. After this, you can use Microsoft Office.

Install MS office by downloading “Click-on-run” installer

This is another method with which you can download MS Office by using the “click-on-run” installer. After downloading Office setup online from your Microsoft Office account, you need to double-click on the installer and then run it. Follow the directions, and the Microsoft Office suite will get installed on your computer system.

 You Can Create Microsoft Office My Account

If you don’t have any existing account on Microsoft Office and you anxiously require to find out the process to create it, then the steps given below will help you.

  1. Head to office.com/myaccount.
  2. Click on Sign In.
  3. Click on the link – Create a free Microsoft account
  4. Enter all the required information such as name, username, and enter a password.
  5. If you want your Microsoft Office email account to be separate from your personal account, then click on the link – Get a new email address.
  6. Fill in the captcha code in the text box and verify that you are a real person.
  7. Click on the Create account button.
  8. Review the promotional offers column if you wish to subscribe to Microsoft offers.
  9. Go to the inbox of your email account.
  10. Click on the Office verification email and click on the verify link.

After following the steps given above, just like other people, you can also access your Office my account now. If you find it hard to set up a Microsoft Office account if you are not able to recover your existing Office account, then you can get in touch with the Office Customer support for immediate assistance, and they will help you regarding your Office my account issues.