How to Set Alarm on Mac System

App Store for iOS and MacOS devices offer a variety of applications to install clocks and set alarms on Mac. But, when talking about Mac systems, particularly the Calendar app, it is a default program to set birthday alarms, reminders or time alerts. Well, setting the alarm these days is very important since in the busy life we forget about important dates and schedules. But, thanks to alarm set which helps us in time management and reminds us about the events we need to participate in. Mac users can use Calendar app to set the alarm on their systems.

The Clock app is a default app in the iOS devices to set alarms, but things are bit different in Mac systems. There is no Clock app in Mac, but the Calendar app is a default one to set alarms on different things. Well, setting the alarm in MacOS is not a complicated thing to do. If you don’t know how to set the alarm but want it on your Mac system, then don’t fret much as all you need to do is follow the steps below. The guide will explain the most accessible process with simple steps to set the alarm on the Mac system.

How to Set Alarm on Mac System

  1. Open your Mac system and click the rocket icon from Mac dock.
  2. It will open the Launchpad
  3. Find and click to open the Calendar
  4. Once the Calendar app opens, select the Day tab from upper toolbar.
  5. In the right column, days from the monthly overview will appear.
  6. Select a day and go to the page on the left side of the window.
  7. The page must be showing the time divided into columns.
  8. Right-click on time from the page, and select New Event.
  9. Give a name to the event which could be Birthday, Meeting, Gathering, etc.
  10. Click the selected day and date section.
  11. Now, choose a time for the alarm to begin and to go off as well.
  12. In the Starts: section, put a time to set the alarm to go on.
  13. In the Ends: section, put a time to set the alarm to go off.
  14. If you want to repeat, then select repeat:
  15. In the Alert: section, click to open the drop-down menu which set on None by default.
  16. Now select Custom and click Message in a box popped up.
  17. You can select Message with Sound, as well, in the box.
  18. Choose a tone from the list and Click Ok to complete the task.

With the inbuilt Calendar app facility, you don’t have to download a Clock app on your Mac to set the alarm. Now, you have set the alarm in Mac system, you can set it for more for upcoming dates. Follow the same process and select a different or the same date. Choose a time, and that’s it, another alarm is ready to remind you for the important schedule.

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