How to Block Email Tracking?

Ever thought that inside your mailbox- the one for snail mail, a camera is monitoring what you read and which ones you chuck out without a second thought. Maybe you haven’t paid attention towards it, but e-mail provides crooks and ad mailers that unique ability. E-mails have evolved from the simple text to eye-catching messages containing all types of styles, fonts, and images. E-mails now are similar to web pages.

How does the email tracking work?

A few researchers from The Princeton University analyzed about 1000 ad mailings and found almost 70% of the messages containing ad trackers- automatically downloading elements like invisible images that inform the sender at what time and how have you opened the message. It also transmits personal data. The tracker domain query reveals your IP address revealing your location.

These technologies allow the creators of ad mailings to target their messages more efficiently. This way, the advertising network gets information about your interests. For example, if you opened a message about sunglasses, sneakers ads start hounding.

How can we protect ourselves?

If you are using the Gmail webmail client, you are comparatively lucky. Gmail download all the images from the message to their servers before passing it to you. Users of other emails now are also coming up with some useful tools like VPN. Tips to help protect against being tracked:

  • Disable automatic image downloading in the mail client and download images from only the trusted senders.
  • Use a VPN such as Kaspersky secure connection, and it will help to conceal your real IP address from advertisers. Try using private browsing if the imageless messages seem too dull.
  • Reply to messages with confidence, be in control. Blocking embedded email trackers means you can respond with confidence, you can even control when they can be notified when you read the mail.
  • Protect against the pushy salespersons

The salespersons just don’t know when to quit. If emails from the salesperson are overloading you, it is a good chance that they were using a tracker to see your email. With the use of email free tracking blocker, these salespersons will be blocked from seeing your activity.

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