Guide to Troubleshooting HKcmd.exe Error

Hkcmd.exe error is associated with Gateway Drivers EXE file developed by Gateway for Windows Operating System. These EXE files are the executable files that contain the step by step instructions which Windows has to carry out. Remember, every software products are developed in EXE files in the computer and when you double click these files; the computer has to run the instructions design by the developer of these files.

Here are some ways to fix the HKcmd.exe error in Windows:

Try System File Checker scan

  1. Open Start menu in your computer.
  2. Go to the search bar and type cmd.
  3. Click cmd to open Command Prompt.
  4. Now, type sfc/scannnow and press Enter.
  5. The command will run a full system file scan to repair the Windows System Files.
  6. Now, wait until the scan finishes and then follow the instructions.

The SFC scan is worth trying because it will fix the damaged files. If it detects any damaged Hkcmd.exe file, then it will fix the file, and there will be no Hkcmd.exe error displaying on the screen.

Try a Full System Scan

  1. If you are not using an Antivirus in your system, then download one right now.
  2. Install the Antivirus in your computer system.
  3. The Antivirus products are pretty handy software.
  4. Save and close every program running on your system.
  5. So, select the Full System Scan and leave your computer.
  6. It will some time to complete the full scan.
  7. The scan might be able to remove the error by eliminating the malicious software from your system.

Reinstallation of Windows

  1. If nothing works, then you must try a reinstallation of Windows in the system.
  2. But before that, you must create a backup of your data as the reinstallation will remove everything.
  3. A clean installation of the new Windows will clean up every damaged file, harmful software and corrupted files.

All the methods are effective and work efficiently, but in case they fail to bring the desired results, then you must reinstall the Windows. Reinstallation will definitely work, but create a backup of your data and use it to restore after reinstallation.

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