July 20, 2018


Save your time by using Microsoft Excel to analyze and organize data.  It is a go-to program for the majority when it comes to creating spreadsheets.  Unlock your business data potential by building charts, and highlight important data with conditional formatting.

Posts of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft’s Excel is the program of choice for creating spreadsheets and is a usually vital program for making budgets, budgetary analysis, and data entry. It is capable of organizing massive data amounts in a systematic manner in spreadsheets and charts in no time. It is simple to insert and format the data. It can produce the graphical and the visual representations of the added information, and it can be easily integrated with other programs.

 Intelligent Autocorrect

Can you recall a good number of occasions you required an Excel workbook function or formula, but you could not remember its specific name. You know it is there, but you do not know the correct fit. For example, let us suppose you need to verify if some cell holds numeric values. Then you understand that the function to apply is related to a number. With high hopes, you enter “number,” but it does not yield results. The new autocorrect tool has improved to cover not only the particular text the user enters but all formulas and functions that are in the text. So you do not need to remember the specific names, casing and everything else, because the Excel workbook’s integral inbuilt autocorrect tool intelligently provides it all. This is a considerable comfort; all thanks to Microsoft.

More Charts Options

A lot of users want the Excel bar graphs to align in order so as to display progression or regression. This helps to visualize how something has been done over time. With funnel charts, you can do it efficiently. A number of new charts were added in Excel 2016. Funnel charts reveal data across various stages or phases in a process. For instance, one can make a funnel chart to demonstrate the number of consumers that are there in a sales pipeline at a specific time. In general, the values decline slowly, and therefore the bars look like a funnel.

Better Insertion Of Graphics

You can insert pictures as well as graphics in Excel workbooks just to link them with a specific data. For example, if you are making a catalog of things in a shop, you can add a picture of the thing besides its description. This will add visual appeal. You can insert pictures from the computer and even directly from the webcam or scanner. You just need to the Insert tab and click on Pictures. Find the picture you want to add and select it. Click on Insert and you are done. You can also use Bing to do an online search for images. Just select the Online Pictures option in the Insert tab to do so.

More Templates

Excel has several inbuilt templates that promote users diversified individual data-analysis requirements. My Cashflow template enables you to fiddle around with finances digitally. This template allows the user to import their accounts, so they can analyze how their funds are being used.With stock analysis template users import stuff regarding stocks and observe them on Excel. Calendar Insights template enables users to import their calendar data into a dashboard, so they understand how they are spending their time.

New Inking Feature

Now, users can insert data with the help of Stylus or digital pens. Are you working on an advanced mathematical problem and you wish to add it to your MS Excel Workbook? You can do so. Merely use a Stylus and write it down, it will get inserted in the Workbook. You can now draw and write with digital ink on Microsoft Excel.