Activating Multilingual Text Prediction in Windows 10

Microsoft is making Windows more and more comfortable to use with every subsequent version of Windows. The company has released a new feature which is helpful especially for the typists working on more than one Latin script. Since the user doesn’t need to switch between the languages manually anymore, the task to type in Windows Read more about Activating Multilingual Text Prediction in Windows 10[…]

How to Clear App Data and General Cache in Windows 7

Cache data which gets stored in the devices often contain a lot of private and confidential data. Moreover, it also takes up a lot of RAM and adversely affects the system’s performance. Hence, people who have a Windows 7 system should clear their cache from time to time. Clear General Cache Follow the stepwise process Read more about How to Clear App Data and General Cache in Windows 7[…]

Guide to Troubleshooting HKcmd.exe Error

Hkcmd.exe error is associated with Gateway Drivers EXE file developed by Gateway for Windows Operating System. These EXE files are the executable files that contain the step by step instructions which Windows has to carry out. Remember, every software products are developed in EXE files in the computer and when you double click these files; Read more about Guide to Troubleshooting HKcmd.exe Error[…]

How to Block Email Tracking?

Ever thought that inside your mailbox- the one for snail mail, a camera is monitoring what you read and which ones you chuck out without a second thought. Maybe you haven’t paid attention towards it, but e-mail provides crooks and ad mailers that unique ability. E-mails have evolved from the simple text to eye-catching messages Read more about How to Block Email Tracking?[…]